TV/Cable Remote & Multipurpose Mini LED Torch

Portable, Rechargeable LED Torch Illuminates Remote Controls in the Dark and for Everyday Carry.

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Rechargeable LED Torch

About Lazelight

Great little gadget.

Lazelight is a pen-knife-styled micro LED light for illuminating remote controls in the dark or in dim light. It offers a universal solution that can work with nearly 80% of TV and cable remote controls of different shapes and sizes with the aid of its accompanying torch holder that sticks easily onto a remote control or any surface. Lazelight swivel design offers a critical feature that elevates the light source above the surface of a remote control to reduce the shadows of the protruding buttons.

  • Swivel, pen-knife-styled
  • Easy to recharge via USB
  • Small, bright and ultra lightweight
  • Minimalist, quality British design at its best
Great little gadget

Lazelight Features

Handy Flashlight. Great Little Gadget.

Perfect Little LED Torch

Nice and bright. For its size, this little torch packs a punch. It's perfect for lighting up devices and dark spaces - anytime, anywhere.

Rechargeable Battery

No hustle, no running to the stores for watch batteries. Long battery life in between charges.

Magnetic Holder

Easy snap-on of the torch. No mess, no permanent mounting. Attaches well to a broad range of remote control shapes and on wall.

Magnetic Induction Switch

It swivels open to turn on. No physical ON/OFF button but magnetic contact points embedded for circuit bridging and cutting.


The luminous strips on both sides aid findability of the remote control or any item it's attached to in the dark.

Essential Pocket Kit

Small and lightweight enough to fit onto keychain easily. Perfect everyday carry item and great gifts for kids, family and friends.

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Outstanding Core Features

World's best torch is the one you have with you when you need it.

Swivel design

A critical feature that elevates the light source above the surface of a remote to reduce the shadows of the protruding buttons.


Powered by a micro-usb-fed rechargeable battery which will save you the stress and cost of battery replacements.


Magnetic plate that holds the LED in place firmly. Flip up the LED to turn it on. Stick the light onto any surface and work with both hands.


Luminous side strips absorb room or natural light which activates in the dark to easily locate a missing remote it's attached to.

Why Choose Lazelight For Your Easy Life?

Lazelight is not only ideal for people looking for a more convenient TV-viewing experience in the dark, it can also be carried around.

Everyday Carry

Lighting up devices and dark spaces - anytime, anywhere. When finding stuff in a handbag, finding a keyhole at night, Lighting dark paths and alleyways.

Outdoorsy People

Handy mini flashlight whenever you need a clear light temporarily when camping, hiking, hunting, backpacking, fishing and in emergency situations.

Vision Impaired People

Perfect little torch for people with less than perfect vision and seniors who often hit the wrong button when trying to operate a remote control in a low lit room.


Multi-purpose, small, bright and ultra lightweight. Temporary mounting on remote, easy remove with no mess left.

Temporary mounting on remote
Temporary mounting on remote
Temporary mounting on remote

Frequently Asked Questions

You can turn the light on by simply flipping it open like a pen knife up to an angle of 115 degree from its base. To turn it off, return the LED panel to align at 0 - 10 degree angle to its base. Of course you won't need a protractor to use the device :)
The flashlight will be in an enclosed space for a long time from the warehouse through its journey to your door step so it would be starved of natural light. First time use and always, it needs to be under natural (sun) or artificial light (light bulb, UV light) for couple of minutes to activate the glow function.
The charger is not included in the package. All you need is a standard Micro-USB cable from a phone charger - most Android phones precisely, battery banks or any other device with micro USB port. Plug it into any USB outlet such as your laptop, table or wall socket and give your good little torch some juice to last a while. The battery can charge from flat to full in 10 minutes.
Not really. The tape can still maintain a fair amount of its adhesive property if it hasn't come in contact with dust or exposed to air longer than a few minutes. Wipe the surface clean before sticking the holder onto it to bond properly. The tape sticks well on plastic, wood, metal and smooth painted wall. However, if you need to re-use/reposition the holder elsewhere and the tape doesn't stick anymore, simply peel it off and get quality 3M double sided tape on the Internet for a small price. 50 meters 3M double sided tapes on Amazon are priced at $5 and under depending on the length and brand. To put in perspective, a 50m tape covers approximately the length of 1000 holders.

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